Chelsea 0 – Hampton 1

Fanfare! Fanfare! Yes…the impossible has happened. I’m actually sitting down and writing some news for you all to see!

First things first. The countdown timer has changed from showing the date of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, to showing the date of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Why is this you ask?! Well, some of you already know!

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Let’s pick up where we left off with the last post, the one with the rusty television sets in it…

So, I submitted a design for the Fresh Garden category at Chelsea 2012, and was awaiting news as to whether the RHS would accept it or not; here’s the original design as a reminder:

Do Not Adjust Your Set #1

Well to cut a long story short, the design was very well received by the RHS, but they decided not to accept it for Chelsea..which although was disappointing to hear…was fully understandable. I’ve always said that the RHS are very supportive of me and my sometimes hare-brained schemes, and this time was no exception. They felt that this was more of a ‘conceptual’ piece and would lose the impact it deserved due to the intended size and location at Chelsea.

What the RHS proposed was that I revise the design, look at making it bigger, and resubmit for The Conceptual Garden area for the Hampton Court Show, or the Visionary Gardens at Tatton Park. All their comments made perfect sense, and I always respect their judgement in terms of steering me in the right direction – and so I set about revising the above design.

It was when I attended an RHS seminar late last year at The NEC that it all started to come together in a viagra soft tabs slightly different fashion. All I can say is that they gave me the most incredible feedback and encouragement; reiterating how much the RHS love my ideas, and how they want to see me produce something on a larger scale; spread my wings at another show; and if successful, sit down and discuss the future…it was all very promising stuff.

Funnily enough, they didn’t tell me off for polluting their twitter feeds with swearing and nonsense (that’s another story!)…hmmm….at least the #rhschelsea feed is back on their site…anyway…

So…bigger eh? Time to stop thinking on a small manageable scale Mr. GH…if you’re going to resubmit for Hampton Court or Tatton Park, then make it worthy of being there! Hampton Court was my preferred choice, i’m not one to shy away from a challenge, and the intended revision of the ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ idea was perfect for this particular show.

With no time to waste (I had a very tight deadline for resubmission), I set about redesigning – a complete departure from the above – but keeping the essence of the idea. And instead of a 3m diameter cirele – I opted for an 8 metre x 6 metre plot…a slightly bigger task..but an exciting prospect!

“I wanted a garden of two ‘layers’ I suppose, a calm basis…
ready to bash to bits with a large hammer of chaos -
in the form of a single giant television set
crash landing and spilling its colourful contents.”

The whole ‘idea’ of this garden was about Television Sets ‘spilling’ their colour onto a monochrome landscape, and looking back at the above, there’s perhaps little distinction between the two areas. This would have been addressed at planting stage, I had a vivid mental image as to how the original garden would have appeared…but that’s irrelevant now.

I started to look at black and white test card patterns, the strips of greys, whites, blacks, the circular areas they sometimes exhibit; and loosely used this as a base for the revised garden. I wanted a really organised structure to this base, clearly defined strips and circular areas of planting, linked together with granite paving and utilising some mirror pools to give some deep black areas, give it some weight if you like.

Structured yes, but not overly busy or fussy – I wanted a garden of two ‘layers’ I suppose, a calm basis…ready to bash to bits with a large hammer of chaos – in the form of a single giant television set crash landing and spilling its colourful contents, completely ruining the peaceful monochromatic landscape beneath!

So this is how the revised design ended up…

And guess what…it got accepted! Hampton…erm…caught!

And so once again begins the daily routine of veering between panic and excitement, waking up in the middle of the night with a Eureka moment…then dissecting it and realising it was no good after all…etc etc…basically, the fun begins again, and I reckon this year is going to be even more fun than last year’s trip to GW Live!

I hope you’ll all join me on this journey to Hampton – and before you ask…yes, that large television set, I will be building it in my front room.



12 Responses to “Chelsea 0 – Hampton 1”

  1. Bethan says:

    Dam you GardenHero, I wasn’t going to go to Hampton court this year after being frightfully disappointed last year but if you’re going to be there then tickets might have to be booked!

    But it’s such a shame the revolving pooping dog hasn’t even got a look into this design. Maybe next year?

  2. Anne Wareham says:

    I think it needs snowdrops.

  3. Michelle Wheeler says:

    Wow, so looking forward to seeing it. Well done you. It’s not easy getting into these shows .x

  4. Jo Thompson says:

    Loving it! Keep us updated – this is going to be fun

  5. TBH prefer the smaller design – loved that – but take no notice of me! Best wishes for it.

    • Garden Hero says:

      Cheers Robert…yeah, although I liked the smaller design, when it came to creating something for the larger space, simply blowing it up didn’t work..so I went back to the drawing board – hopefully it should work!

  6. Joe Flanagan says:

    Great designs , congratulations on Hampton Court! Nice one!

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