Guess the Smell with The RHS

Ooh, it’s been a while hasn’t it? It’s been a busy time lately, and I still need to get into the habit of this blogging lark, instead of saving all my stories up for one long unintelligible natter.

So, here’s a list of contents for this particular post to either whet your appetite, or give you the chance to escape while you can!

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• Guess the Smell with the RHS (and Anne Wareham)
• Gardeners Whirled
• Fun at Malvern
• Fun with Friends
• A Change of Plan
• Giant Earthworm vs Playmobil

Guess the Smell with The RHS

This was an amusing little thing that happened on Twitter quite a while back. It was a question from The RHS posted on Twitter..something along the lines of ‘RHS Harlow Carr on ITV tonight. Tell us what the scent of the smelly tree is and win a prize!’ So, always on the lookout for a freebie, I decided to play along. I was not alone however…the delightful Anne Wareham had spotted it too…!

Anne began to bombard the RHS Twitter feed, first with an answer even before the programme in question had aired, and then subsequent tweets asking where her prize was…and the fact that the RHS weren’t answering just made the day more and more amusing… just a small example below:

Anne was of course correct with her answer…Cercidiphyllum japonicum….Japanese Judas Tree or Katsura Tree…but it wasn’t the name of the tree that was asked for, it was the scent. So…me being me :) ….used Anne’s knowledge to my cheeky advantage, waited for the programme to air, and immediately tweeted the RHS the answer of ‘burnt toffee’…and hey presto, won the prize! Hoorah! (In all honesty, Anne wouldn’t have seen the programme, it was Calendar, so a local generic viagra buy usa piece only)

Anne kept pestering the RHS to see if she’d won, so I felt it only polite to tell her that it was me, and in recognition of her assistance, I would obviously share the prize with her; which happened to be a pair of tickets to attend a chat by the one and only Toby Buckland at RHS Harlow Carr. Now this would have been quite difficult for the lovely anne to attend, so I promised her that I would get her a lovely present…and of course I did just that!

I have to say, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Buckland, if you get the chance, do it. He’s not only an incredibly knowledgeable gardening chap, he’s a terrific bloke, inspiring, helpful; and definitely up for a laugh. And…because he’s a regular Twitter user, he’d seen some of the online banter between Anne and myself, and had no hesitation in helping with Anne’s present…a lovely signed photo ‘To Anne, my favourite and greatest fan!’

And there you have it…a small but (hopefully to you too) amusing escapade, and an example of the fun and friendship that can be had on Twitter. Because of Twitter, and instances like this, I’ve become friends with Anne and her husband Charles, and been able to pester poor Toby at every opportunity. And….we all got to see where the signed photo ended up.

I’ve now decided that my original blog post intention would take about 6 years to read, so i’m going to be kind and post it in sections…part 2 to follow later :)



3 Responses to “Guess the Smell with The RHS”

  1. Anne Wareham says:

    I wus robbed.

    Anyway, I don’t think it does smell like that actually. Commonly said but the smell is actually unique and not like anything else at all.


    Toby looks well there though…


  2. Helen Reeley says:

    Good story Simon-well worth my time away from Les Liaisons Dangereuses (yawn…)Looking forward to part two. Just one thing-could you put the bog lid down please, ’tis offending my sensibilities. You RHSing it with us girlies next week? X

  3. Sue says:

    Great story! Anne, that is so you… :-)

    I think it smells of hot sugar, specifically fairground candyfloss. I absolutely love it.

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