RHS Autumn Show, 3 Men Went 2 Mow…and Topiary Scotty Dogs!

Well, it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything! It’s been a busy time, so not really had the chance to jot down my thoughts and recent escapades until now…

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Where to begin?!

Firstly I took a trip down to London recently, to visit the delightful RHS Autumn Show at the Royal Horticultural Halls. I’d arranged to meet up with some fellow horticultural cheapest viagra canada tweeps at the show; with a view to also visiting some other London highlights, particularly the Garden Museum or The Rooftop Gardens in Kensington. Hmmm…all did not go quite as planned, due to my extraordinary ability to remain disorganised at all times outside of the workplace! More of that later…

The show itself was relatively small, but was crammed full of some beautiful exhibits; and some ludicrously sized vegetables! Particular favourites of mine (apart from the Bonsai display) included the range of Aeoniums, and the grasses. Now, i’ve never really been excited by grasses, possibly because my cat likes to use them as a catalyst for vomiting (especially my Imperata Cylindrica ‘Rubra’)  but I have been thinking differently of late, and there were a couple that really caught my attention.

Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’

Stipa (Calamagrostis) brachytricha (the one at the back!)

Anyway, as I said earlier, I was also at the show to meet up with some very nice tweeps; I didn’t see them at all while I was wandering about, and having spectacularly failed to save any of their phone numbers (yes, yes, i’m rubbish), combined with being unable to trawl through my email archive, resigned myself to the fact that it was not to be, so began traipsing towards the River Thames to continue my day out alone.

Luckily, the wonderful @LazyTrollop was far more organised than my useless self, and phoned me to find out where I was hiding. @LazyTrollop, @MichTWheeler, @robstacewicz, and @HelenReeley had planted themselves (geddit?!) in a public house close to the RHS Halls, planning their next move, and so I made my way back to actually meet them after weeks of virtual conversation.

And what wonderful people they are! It was so lovely to finally meet a bunch of warm, friendly, very talented people that I had been conversing with via Twitter; but what we had failed to take into account was the fact that consuming alcohol early afternoon would disrupt further sightseeing! A mutual agreement was made, we would stay where we were, which was fine by me!

From left: Lazy Trollop (Barbara!) , HelenReeley , Rob Stacewicz ,  Michelle Wheeler

I’m sure you’ll agree, a lovely bunch of people! So… what else has been happening? Well, I also went to a talk by the talented trio of Joe Swift, James Alexander-Sinclair and Cleve West, collectively known as the hilarious Three Men Went to Mow. This took place at the beautiful RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate (although it was night-time so I couldn’t see any of the gardens), in the new and shiny Bramall Learning Centre. You may have seen these three previously in my gallery of Garden Heroes, so I couldn’t resist the chance to go along and join in the fun!

The madness is about to begin!

Three Men Went to Mow gave a thoroughly entertaining and lighthearted talk about their gardening experiences, and involved the assembled audience at every opportunity with humorous games and witty banter. What made the evening for me though was the chance to briefly talk to these fine gentlemen; I must thank them all for the words of encouragement they gave me, and also for gracefully accepting my gift of official #trainclub flapjack! If you get the chance to see them, then I highly recommend you do!

On another note, I started reading a rather interesting book on small gardens called ‘The City Garden’, and it contained some rather interesting information on achieving stunning results in small spaces. In amongst the little gems of information was something that every garden should have…and surely needs!

Every garden should have one!

That’s all to report today, but i’ll be back very soon with some news on my real ambition…which is slowly taking shape. I might even give you an update on Monty the Monstera if you’re lucky!


4 Responses to “RHS Autumn Show, 3 Men Went 2 Mow…and Topiary Scotty Dogs!”

  1. Amazing! After the initial sketches of the all-singing plastic dog for your Chelsea garden, you now provide us with the topiary equivalent. I may have to have one…..
    Really looking forward to hearing your plans

  2. Garden Hero says:

    Hello Jo! Along with a feather boa and a statue of Mark Diacono, perhaps a topiary Scotty dog will appear in your 2011 Chelsea garden! Hee hee….

  3. Tracy McQue says:

    Oooh, liking the grasses – especially the Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ which I’ve used a couple of times. And loving boozing with fellow twitterers mid afternoon. Social networking rules!

    • Garden Hero says:

      Hello Tracy! Social networking indeed rules! In fact, if you look at an earlier post of mine, social media could play a large part in one of my ideas; slightly extravagant but nonetheless a possibility. Also, I could quite happily booze with fellow twitterers any time! :)

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